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The term trek is one adopted by a group of reenactors interested in more than just shallowly pretending to be a certain character, but wanting to have a deeper understanding and living the life more fully. That involves researching equipment, skills, etc. and then going out and using those skills in the field. This page is a trek in itself as I begin collecting resources dealing with Kentucky trekking. Please join me on this journey!

Here are a few pictures and a few links:

Some of my Companions in this life's trek...

SAR 1780s Drill team of the Virginia Line. VA Line volley - video

Mike, Greg, Bob - Blue Licks/'99.

My friend Muggs visits Colonel Boone - April '01.

Spinner, Hawkeye and Pilgrim - Sam Brady Conference/'99.

Ruddles's Station reunion/'00.

Riding along the Kentucky River.

Jonathan, Dennis, Phil and Ken

Phil "Dogface" Spelling - Simon Kenton Frontier Festival

My young trekking partner (son) - Joshua. With the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery - 2000.

Hunting for Fort Boonesborough. I have an ancestor or two that also spent some time there a couple centuries ago. Simon Kenton and John Conway, Jr..

My 6th great grandfather, John Conway, was a Kentucky Longhunter. Here is his story.

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